Tindagat is a growing, eco-conscious online market driven by our passion for supporting local fishers and protecting our oceans. By directly connecting you with our fishing community in Lubang, we strengthen our local fisherfolk's livelihood while bringing fresh catches to your homes.

Our tagline, Shore-To-Door Goodness, is a reflection of our mission to support responsible fishing and empower local small-scale fishing communities, all while minimizing middlemen by bringing the products straight to your door from our local shores.

How It All Began

Starting as a capstone project for the Asian Institute of Management, Tindagat has evolved into a business dedicated to aiding fishers and protecting our waters through our founders’ combined network, unique abilities, and desire to uplift small-scale fisher communities.

Our mission began with a community in Barangay Tagbac on Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro. Since the start of our partnership in 2021, we have been giving them access to the market, providing additional income, and training them to perform better post-harvesting. Now, we aim to help our partner fishers access more affordable goods, expand their processing expertise, and empower them to inspire other fishing communities.

Tindagat team with members of our partner fishing community in Lubang at the 1st Responsible Seafood Summit last September 2023 held in Novotel Hotel

What We Hope To Change

Our nation’s traditional seafood value chain contains multiple middlemen, causing a decrease in profits for our local fishers.  This chain also fosters unsustainable fishing practices that continuously harm our waters.

Tindagat hopes to turn the tide by creating waves of positive change through our direct value chain that brings local fishers closer to our consumers and encourages responsible fishing methods.

Empower Local Fisherfolk

Every frozen fresh seafood delivery empowers their fishing journey. 

Tindagat boosts the livelihood of our partner fisherfolk by giving them an additional sustainable income of PHP115/kg on top of their current income. With our direct supply chain, our fishers are given market access and experience a stable demand for their fresh catches.

Experience Seafood Goodness

Dive into the rich taste of our oceans with our responsibly caught local seafood!  

Each catch is immediately cleaned, processed, and frozen just a few meters from the shore to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

Enjoy Responsible Consumption

With a deep passion for protecting our oceans, Tindagat provides responsibly sourced seafood by catching fish that are in season using only eco-friendly methods.

We support responsible fishing by using longline and handline methods that keep our marine environments safe and lessen bycatch while providing higher-quality catches.

With your patronage, Tindagat can continue to support our partner fishers, promote healthier seas, and encourage responsible consumption. Your purchase is more than a transaction; for us, your purchase pushes impactful positive change across our community. Together, let's turn the tide and make our seas a better place.