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Himalit (Cypsilurus heteropterus), belonging to the family Exocoetidae (flying fish).

The sky's not the limit. Forget planes, meet the Philippines' flying fish! This shimmering emerald jewel soars through the air, showcasing its stunning wing-like fins before diving back into the turquoise depths. But Himalit isn't just an aerial show-off. Its delicate, sweet flesh takes flight in Filipino dishes like sinigang and kinilaw, leaving a taste of island paradise long after the last bite. 



Mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus), belonging to the family Coryphaenidae (dolphinfish).

Sun-kissed warrior of the waves. This dazzling fish with the nickname "Dorado" (meaning "golden" in Spanish) electrifies anglers with lightning-fast sprints and a color-changing magic show from emerald to golden delight. But the real fight happens on your plate. Sweet, firm flesh that transforms any dish into a Filipino fiesta, whether grilled, baked, or swimming in sinigang. Get ready to taste the thrill of the catch!







Verde Island Passage & Lubang Island:

Where turquoise meets emerald magic. Imagine a shimmering ribbon threading through lush islands, teeming with life like an overflowing treasure chest. The Verde Island Passage was recently recognized as a "Marine Protected Area of National Significance." It's a liquid highway where coral reefs become dance floors for playful dolphins and graceful Himalit take flight. Lubang Island, located in Occidental Mindoro, cradled within this vibrant tapestry, beckons with pristine beaches whispering secrets to the wind and hidden coves offering treasures beyond pearls. Cast your line for the elusive Mahi-mahi, then dive into an underwater metropolis that will leave you breathless. But remember, this paradise needs our protection. Explore with respect, savor its bounty, and become a guardian of its future.



Tindagat’s Background

Empowering Filipino fishers, one cast at a time: Tindagat champions responsible practices through partnerships with coastal communities. Their fisherfolk use gentle methods like line fishing, protecting their ocean home, and minimizing bycatch. Innovative sales channels cut out middlemen, directly connecting them to consumers and boosting their incomes. Beyond securing fair prices, Tindagat fosters self-reliance by equipping fisherfolk with fish processing skills and financial literacy, building a brighter future for their families and the ocean.

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