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Squid Fillet

Squid Fillet

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Squid fillet is a versatile seafood cut known for its tender texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. With its clean and delicate taste, it lends itself well to various culinary preparations. From classic calamari to grilled or stir-fried dishes, squid fillet offers a delightful seafood experience. Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, it is also a nutritious choice that supports muscle growth, boosts immune function, and promotes heart health.
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Bring waves of kindness

Our subscription plans provide stable income for Tindagat fishers in Lubang, Mindoro. By subscribing, you'll help us give better equipment for our fishers's post-harvest training

We also practice responsible fishing, which leads to a healthier and continuous livelihood for the Lubang fishing community

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  • Diversify Flavours

    Get a taste of different seafood while distributing fishing impact.

  • Sail to Sustainable Seas

    Seasonal Catching helps reduce oversupply and overfishing all at once.

  • Supports Small Scale Locals

    Seasonal fish are found closer to shore, making it easier to catch for our local fishers.