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Blue Marlin (Malasugui) Belly

Blue Marlin (Malasugui) Belly

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Malasugui, also known as Blue Marlin, offers a firm and meaty texture with a rich, slightly sweet flavor that is perfect for seafood connoisseurs. Packed with high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential vitamins, Malasugui supports heart health and promotes overall wellness. Whether grilled, seared, or enjoyed in sashimi, this versatile fish provides a delectable and nutritious option for any meal.

Malasugui, or Blue Marlin, is similar to "Tanigue," which is the local name for Spanish Mackerel in the Philippines. Both fish have a firm texture and a rich, slightly sweet flavor, making them popular choices for grilling, searing, and other cooking methods.

Responsibly sourced from the pristine waters of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro

Possible Recipes for Malasugui Belly

  • Sinigang na Malasugui Belly
  • Inihaw na Malasugui Belly
  • Kinilaw na Malasugui Belly


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  • Community Impact

    Every purchase provides an additional income of Php 115/kg to our fishers, which helps fund their daily essentials and livelihood equipment.

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    All products are placed in thermal pouches to prevent thawing as well as preserve their quality and lifespan.

  • Sealed Straight From The Source

    Our partner fishers are trained to post-process (clean, pack, label) the products straight after catching them, with at most two pairs of hands having direct contact with the raw seafood to maintain proper hygiene and maximize freshness.